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Alba Everybody Ready?, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, LoveSick, Please Don′t Go, I Want You To Be Unhappy, Big Boy, Rap Circus, Freestyle Town, Story of Someone I Know, Where Did You Sleep, NOT Based on the True Story, A Midsummer Night′s Sweetness, Body Language
Aktivní 2010 - současnost

Everybody Ready?

Album, 10.9.2010
1. San E Sogaehagi
2. Mosjoheunsan (Feat. Min)
3. LoveSick
4. B.U.B.U.(Feat. Jun.K)
5. Wonhajanha (Feat. JOO)
6. Nolja (Feat. Ye Eun)
7. Mosjoheunsan (Inst.)


Singl, 3.11.2010
1. LoveSick

Please Don′t Go

Singl, 30.4.2011
1. Please Don′t Go (ft. Changmin of 2AM, Outsider)

I Want You To Be Unhappy

Singl, 24.11.2011
1. I Want You To Be Unhappy
2. I Want You To Be Unhappy (inst.)

Big Boy

Singl, 13.5.2013
1. Big Boy
2. Big Boy (inst.)

Rap Circus

Singl, 31.5.2013
1. Rap Circus

Freestyle Town

Singl, 20.6.2013
1. Freestyle Town with ULTIMA, Sool J & Effect

Story of Someone I Know

Singl, 2.8.2013
1. Story of Someone I Know

Where Did You Sleep

Singl, 6.11.2013
1. Where Did You Sleep (ft. Verbal Jint & Swings)

NOT Based on the True Story

Album, 21.11.2013
1. Voice Message (Skit)
2. Hope You Are Not Happy
3. Former Girlfriend
4. Jiyeong′s Mother
5. Where Did You Sleep (Feat. Verbal Jint & Swings)
6. Break Up Dinner (Feat. Sanchez)
7. Story of Someone I Know
8. Break Up Dinner (Inst.)
9. Where Did You Sleep (Inst.)
10. Story of Someone I Know (Inst.)

A Midsummer Night′s Sweetness

Singl, 12.6.2014
1. A Midsummer Night′s Sweetness (ft. Raina)

Body Language

Singl, 4.8.2014
1. Body Language
2. Body Language (inst.)

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Album, 23.4.2015
1. #LuvUHater
2. She′s (ft. Jeong In) 
3. Over the Top of Your Head (ft. MC GREE)
4. Using You (ft. Joe Rhee)
5. I Deserve It (ft. Jessi, Illinit, i11evn)
6. Feeling Good Now (ft. Don Mills, YDG)
7. Me You (ft. Baek Ye Rin)
8. $$o Dope (ft. Vasco, CJamm)
9. 성공하고 싶었어
10. #LuvUHater (inst.)
11. Me You (inst.) 
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