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Madmans Esprit as a symbol of the darker side of Korean music industry introduce themselves and share their plans for the future, as well as news about their upcoming EU tour, which includes Prague.
Madmans Esprit
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Madmans Esprit is a Korean visual kei and black metal band, but the band itself defines its style as "depressive suicidal pop". They started with activities in 2010 in Seoul but also spent some time in Berlin. Currently, they work under the label of Gan Shin Recordswhich promotes bands such as Dir en grey, Jupiter and Matenrou Opera in Europe.
The creator of the band, originally as a solo project, is the vocalist Kyuho (叫號) - in the middle of the picture. During performances, he is joined by the guitarist Juho, bassist Eun Chae and other members, such as Seung Hwi (artistic name Confyverse).
However, Madmans Esprit is not the only project of Kyuho. He is also a member of progressive metal German band Human Traces and a Korean visual kei band ms. isohp romatem, where he plays the guitar and does backup vocals. Unlike Madmans Esprit, where Kyuho composes most of lyrics, does mixing and recording and some of their designs, ms. isohp romatem is more centered around Juho. 
In 2011, the band released its first EP I Just Want To Sex With You, shortly after followed by its demo Madmans Esprit in 2012, and finally its first full-album Nacht in 2014, followed by its second full-album 무의식의 의식화 (Conscientization of Unconsciousness) in 2018. This April, they are releasing EP 『glorifying suicide』.
Since Madmans Esprit is very busy, Kyuho himself kindly answered our questions. 
Hello! My name is Shirayuki and I am an editress of the biggest Czech and Slovak website about Asian culture called AsianStar. First of all, what was the reason behind creating Madmans Esprit? Are there any bands (for example metal or visual kei) that influence it and you still take inspiration from them while making music?
I've always been writing music on my own music since I was 14 or so, it was very natural that I wanted to have my own band. I listen to quite a lot of different genres but if it's about band music, I mainly like Shining (Sweden), Dir en grey, Sukekiyo, Radiohead and Opeth.
ME originates from South Korea and its form is not very common for Korean music, especially compared to genres like K-pop. What is the general opinion of Korean public on your style? Would you say it is illegal to do it and even wear such dark makeup and clothes?
Well, it is not against the law to be in this kind of style. Tattoos are illegal though people still get them anyway. I think the Korean majority generally has no taste of its own, it's like I'm watching a mass of insects following what is presented by the media. There is no sub-culture either. So despite the attention I'm getting from the west and Japan, Korean people don't care about ME that much.
Since you take lots of inspiration from visual kei, which comes from Japan, and relationships between Japan and Korea are very complicated, have you faced any form of discrimination because you are not Japanese?
Not really. But I feel like the racism in the visual kei scene against non-Japanese artists comes more from the western fans. It is very dangerous to equate a cultural matter like visual kei style with a nation.
Your music involves dark themes such as depression and suicide. Many people are dealing with the same issues. Is there any advice you would give them? How do you cope with such things and what keeps you going every day?
I don't think I'm in the position to tell other people how they can cope with their issues. Personally, I make music. Probably, I'd have already been dead like 10 years ago if I didn't have music.
Recently, you have released a new EP as well as a MV for one of its songs. Please tell us about Suicidol, its lyrics and the process of making the music video.
The EP will be released at venues when the tour begins, so technically only the single cut Suicidol came out. I don't want to give answers, I want to raise more questions that can drag their own answers out. It is a shame when people can only understand the text on its surface, it seems like people skip the parts they don't understand and simplify everything else way too much. The text is about fascination, salvation, self-glorification, emptiness, idolization and obviously about suicide. I could go on forever but I'll stop there. I don't have much to talk about the process of making the MV. It was made very quickly with the same group of people I normally work with.
Is there any of your songs in particular that has a special meaning for you?
None or all of them.
This year, you are going on a European tour. What places, besides Korea and Japan, have you performed in so far? Are international fans and live atmosphere any different from Korean clubs?
I've had a couple of shows in Europe, in Germany and Sweden. Other than the core fans, most of the Korean audience don't really get what I'm doing that much. In other countries, people have more basic understanding of what I'm doing.
Besides speaking German, Japanese, English and Korean, how many languages do you actually know? During your Instagram live streams, you mentioned a few Czech words. How good is your Czech language and when and how did you start learning it?
I speak only those 4. I actually don't speak Czech at all and only know a few words and sentences. I just used to go to Prague very often when I was living in Berlin.
What are your goals and dreams for the future? Is there anything fans can look forward to?
I don't have much I can say right now, but I'm working everyday as much and hard as possible. Please stay tuned for the future news.
This is the end of the interview. Thank you so much for your time. Do you have a message for your fans and our readers?
Thank you very much for reading the interview. Madmans Esprit will visit Prague on 25th April, I will be looking forward to meet all of you there very much. The new EP 『glorifying suicide』will come out at the same time, so please check it out.


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