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In many cultures, photography is perceived as a reflection of the soul. Every photo conceals another soul and tells another story. Like the work of Haruehun Airry.
Haruehun Airry
Haruehun Airry FOTO: Haruehun Airry - Twitter
Haruehun Airry or the full name of Haruehun Airy Noppawam were born on September 6 in Thailand. At present, they are very successful and famous photographer in Thailand. They have also been working on photos for the BL series. More specifically for Together with me.

Haruehun Airry graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Management from Chulalongkorn University, where they befriended  Charm Osathanond, Miss Thailand Universe 2006, and started photography. As a role model of young men in Thailand, they were appointed by the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre as an advocate for a charity project called Adam′s Love which fosters comprehensive HIV/AIDS education in 2011.

Their photography is mainly male imagery which has been published widely on Asian social media space since they were a student, and later in renowned publications such as Attitude and Men's Health. A number of amateur male models in various countries have been introduced to the entertainment industry through their photography. Haruehun Airry stirred public opinion with an Internet sensation in Southeast Asia after their nude photography series featuring a former Mister International titleholder was published.

Haruehun Airry are also a social media specialist. Burson-Marsteller, one of the world's largest public relations agencies, acknowledged their contribution in the Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific Social Media Study in 2010. Attitude magazine, in its first Thai language issue, noted that Haruehun Airry are one of the youngest successful photographers.


The questions for you have been devised by our editors, but also by your fans. Could you introduce yourself to us? We know you're a very successful photographer, but could you say more about yourself?
I’m a photographer from Thailand. My focus is male portraiture, especially male nudity. People find this interesting. Some of them think that I’m a pervert. Well, I’m not against that saying, because they don’t know me and it’s just funny. But most of all, I think nudity is the purest form of portraying a person.

When did your career as a photographer start? And what made you do that? Is photography your passion?
I have started photography since I was at the university. My major at the time was communication management. The principle was to use media to market or manage the business that you work on. I have discovered that photography is a powerful tool to deliver the message that I want to share with the audience.

What kind of photography did you find the most interesting?
Male nudity. It is the most challenging to me. Some people say that because everyone loves seeing nudes, I have become famous. I don’t think so. Not everyone looks great in the nudes. Some nude photos make the models look disgusting. Making a man beautifully interesting is my priority. Sometimes I use photography to prove my point. Like if I find someone really attractive, while other people might think he’s just average, my photography will prove it.

I read the information that you also photographed Miss Thailand. Is it true? What was it like?
Yes. She was just crowned Miss Thailand when we met at the university. No one dared to befriend her, because everyone thought she was too beautiful to talk to. However I asked her to model for me practicing my photography skills, and it turned out that we have become close friends until today.

Honestly, I love your instagram. It's perfect. You have incredible 357,000 followers. Where did you get such great popularity?
I think the way I shoot the male models makes it interesting, and people become interested. Some people want to be my models, so it’s sort of a viral in Asia. 


You live in Thailand, where you were born, but I've seen that you're using Chinese. Is China your second home?
I was born in Thailand. I have decided to pick Chinese a few years ago, after I saw an English woman getting married to my Chinese friend in China. She spoke amazing Chinese and helped me with this and that in China. I thought I was so useless, and quickly managed to get myself an application to one of the best Chinese teaching schools.

Do you like cooking? What kind of food do you love?
Sort of. At least no one ever says my food sucks. I mostly cook Thai food for myself as I often travel the world. You know what, Thai food is really good if you find yourself a right restaurant. Try it.

What do you like to do in your free time? Like your hobbies and interests?
I’m into languages. I think each language tells pretty much about how the people think and what they value. Right now I’m into Chinese. Certain parts of it are somewhat similar to Thai, but not all. Especially, writing its characters is totally different. As you can see, Chinese characters look very difficult. But the more you understand them, the more you’ll find how beautiful they are. Not just confusing random strokes. Really fascinating.

Do you love traveling? What is your favorite place? What is your dream place?
Of course I love travelling. Well, not the sitting in the plane part, but living the atmosphere of destination cities. I have many favourite places. Each place is unique.

What is your favorite TV series / movie / anime or manga?
To be honest, currently I’m not really interested in popular culture. I know this sounds like a weird person. Maybe because I live the life in the way that I don’t compare myself with others at all. So I rarely get myself exposed to any external influence. Rather I like to create something that entertains my soul, my models and my audience.

What is your favorite music? Do you listen to K-Pop or do you prefer another genre, and who is your favourite singer?
I listen to 70’s 80’s 90’s. They make happy by bringing me back to the past, when the world was beautiful and full of glory. I listen to K-Pop sometimes though. Funny thing that only a few people know - I was a K-Pop fan. But that was long before it got this popular. When I was in high school, I was even assigned to be a moderator of the biggest K-Pop website in Thailand, because I knew everything and spoke some Korean back then. It was until I entered university and changed my focus to photography. The last band I remember myself listening to was DBSK (known also as TVXQ) when they were featuring with Super Junior. And that’s it. Now you can imagine when it was.

What are your plans for this year? Where can we see you?
I will continue to study Chinese. In the meantime photography projects are coming soon too. I have actually been interested in shooting men in Central and Eastern Europe too, because I think the guys from those regions are charming. Strong but humble. People just overlook. They just need someone to bring them into spotlight and stand aside. 


When you go for a holiday, do you still have the camera in your hand or do you enjoy your holiday without a camera?
Good question. Landscape photography is absolutely irrelevant to my focus, so I don’t take photos of the scenery. I rather feel it. However, I bring the camera with me, just in case I  sometimes happen to meet someone who’s willing to pose for me, but mostly in a quiet place like an apartment. It happened mostly in Seoul, London and Los Angeles. They knew my work and got nude for my photography.

What is a person like you afraid of? What are you most afraid of?
I’m afraid of myself losing passion. I imagine that if one day I don’t feel any motivated anymore, then the life will be so wasted. Picking Chinese is a good example to this. Because I felt inspired by the uneasy situation in China that day, I managed to add more meaningful stuff into life.

What kind and style of photography do you like? Are you still trying new things?
I like nude photography. As said, some people just take it for granted and call it pornography. Nude photography is endless to explore. In a nude picture, a man can be strong, yet fragile. He can be very sexy, yet very sad. It depends on how we convey and how the audience decode it.

Have you ever been to the Czech Republic? We would like to recommend you Prague. It's a great place to shoot. 
I have been there and I LOVED it. I stayed only 3 days and was very impressed by the hospitality of the people. I’ll definitely go back someday and I hope I can work with Czech man too. It could be you.

Thank you for agreeing to this interview. We appreciate it a lot. Thank you for your time. What would you say to your fans in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic in Central Europe?
Thanks for having and supporting me. Hope our paths cross someday.

On behalf of the whole magazine I would like to thank for this interview. We are glad that it was exclusively granted to us. And we wish good luck and many other career successes.

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